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Hanna Hanna из города Pietrzak написал(а) 28.04.2018 в 08:52:
Hello, I am writing because we are looking for accommodation at your hotel. My name is Hanna Pietrzak and I am representing FairWind which is an international company involved in installation and servicing of wind farms all around the world. In the middle of May we will start rather large project in your region. More- less 40 of our technicians will need accommodation during the length of the project that end is expected in the end of July 2018. That give around 65 nights for each technician so, approximately, we are looking at 2600 nights at your establishment. Due to company policy regarding accommodation, we have the following requirements: - Each of our technicians must be accommodated in a separate room with bathroom, - Breakfast should be included ( Alternatively, availability of a kitchen with all the necessary equipment for cooking, should be available), - Great WiFi connection is a necessity, - Laundry service is required ( but could be payed separately), - Parking space. We would like to know if you are able to fulfill such requirements and what offer you can propose us for such accommodation according to the amount of nights our technicians are going to stay. Please, can you also inform us about the cancellation/prolonging policy? I would be very grateful for your reply.
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